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Mary Collins and Ann-Michelle Mulally

14 Feb 2020
Mary Collins, Neuroscience (2015), Applied Psychology (2018) and Ann-Michelle Mulally, BA Applied Psychology (2018)

‘I still remember the first time I saw her - I even got her a star map of that date and time so we would never forget.’

A shared passion for volunteering and education first brought Ann-Michelle Mullally and Mary Collins together. After a year of will-they-won’t-they?, it was at the annual Psych Ball where they realised they were more than just ‘besties’, and romance had indeed blossomed. They have been together ever since, with Mary recently proposing to Ann-Michelle at the very bench where they first met on campus – bringing their #ucclovestory full-circle.

What courses did you both study at, and what years did you graduate?

Ann-Michelle: Applied Psychology (2018). Currently studying MSc in Psychological Sciences.

Mary: Neuroscience (2015), Applied Psychology (2018). Currently studying Specialist Diploma in Marketing Management (part-time).

How did you first meet?

Ann-Michelle: We both did Applied Psychology in UCC. We first met in May 2016, while we were volunteering at the Health Psychology conference in UCC. We hit it off straight away and spent most of the day laughing and joking with each other. Our friendship and mutual admiration blossomed over time until we were asked at the Psych Ball whether we were together. This encouraged us to have a conversation about our feelings and come to the realisation we weren’t simply besties as we had previously thought.

Mary: I still remember the first time I saw her – I even got her a star map of that date and time so we would never forget. We ended up working together on the same research project, so our first academic publications ever were together. We ended up sharing a class the following year and kept growing closer. We’re both really passionate about active citizenship and kept volunteering for the same initiatives as well.

What is your favourite memory from your time together at UCC?

Mary: My favourite memory is still probably our time on the same research project. We spent all summer in the School of Applied Psychology, having tea outside with our fellow student researchers and talking about anything and everything, as you tend to do when working long hours.

Is there a campus spot that has special meaning for you both?

Ann-Michelle: A place with special meaning for us both is the bench where we first met in 2016.

Mary: The bench is where I proposed in November. It still has such meaning for us.

What is your favourite kind of date in Cork?

Ann-Michelle: We both worked together in Awesome Walls in Cork during our time in UCC and made a lot of long-lasting friendships from this experience. I would have to say; a day there rock climbing, a day kayaking on the Lee as we did for a second year anniversary, or trying out one of Cork’s many amazing restaurants, would be my idea of heaven.

Mary: Kayaking in Courtmacsherry or surfing in Garretstown are great ways to spend a day if you have a car. If you are out and about around the city, there are so many options. For a restaurant, it has to be Liberty Grill! The staff have always been so lovely and the food is amazing. Walking through Fitzgerald Park, grabbing a coffee and relaxing next to the river, or strolling through the Glucksman and joking together about all the artworks or visiting the vegan market at the Kino are laid back date ideas, too.

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