Covid-19 Response

Support UCC's Covid-19 Response

In recent months the UCC community has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic in unprecedented and inspiring ways. 

  • Working together with the Health Services Executive, the university quickly established a contact tracing centre in the Boole Library.
  • This year’s medical students graduated early to join Ireland’s frontline health workers.
  • The campus was transformed so that cancer patients did not have to attend hospital and could continue to receive chemotherapy in a safe environment.
  • An interdisciplinary COVID-19 research team was created, comprising over 100 researchers across all disciplines.

You can join us in further expanding the research we can do on the virus. 

The COVID-19 pandemic presents significant research challenges with respect to how the immune system reacts to the infection, why some individuals develop disease that requires respiratory support and, most importantly, how immunity can be established within the population at large so that everyone is protected. 

To study COVID-19 and how the virus engages with the immune system, a protected research environment that operates at Biosafety Level 3 (BSL3) is needed at UCC.  A BSL3 laboratory is a critical safe space which protects our researchers as they study COVID-19 and how it engages with the immune system.  BSL3 is a high specification sealed laboratory with a specific negative air-pressure circulation system that importantly protects the outside environment from contamination with research materials. 

By contributing to our COVID-19 response appeal, you will be supporting both the construction of the laboratory and the next generation of researchers across all disciplines who will be at the forefront of studying the virus and its impact on society.  

In this way, you can be part of the UCC response team, joining our dedicated professionals to find new therapies, prevent new infections and help end the threat this pandemic poses to us all.  Please consider supporting our research and everything we are doing to combat the virus and its effects for the benefit of all our communities. 

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