Spotlight 2017

Michelle Fox- Actress

6 Nov 2017
Michelle Fox

Drama and Theatre Studies alum, Michelle Fox, is getting rave reviews for her role in BBC Three’s dark new drama, Overshadowed, the story of a teenage girl who shares her life through a series of online vlogs. The Limerick actress has just been cast as a series regular in the popular BBC Casualty as well as filming a new show alongside Hugh Grant. Michelle looks back at her time at UCC and how she went from treading the boards in the Granary Theatre to starring on the small screen.

Course/subjects studied at University College Cork
I studied Drama & Theatre Studies and Spanish for 3 years.

Best memory of UCC
The Dramat Society made my time at University amazing. Everyone was so welcoming and so many great shows were produced. My best memory was going up with Carol Churchill's Serious Money to the ISDA festival in Dublin. And of course, all the memories of the pints that were enjoyed at Reidy's!

How has your time at UCC helped you to get to where you are now?
Mainly it gave me the confidence to pursue a career in acting. I had a difficult time in secondary school and found it hard to fit in. Coming to UCC and making so many wonderful friends, it made me see that you can do whatever makes you happy as you'll always have friends to support you.

What is your advice to current UCC students?
Don't be scared of life after graduation. I finished at 20 and auditioned for another drama course in Dublin. I didn't get in, panicked and found myself with nothing to do or no plans for the future. I made a pretty quick decision to pack my bags and go to London to sleep on my sister’s couch for a while and maybe find some acting work. People said I was a bit crazy to up and leave but if I hadn't, then I would have never auditioned for the Bristol Old Vic, wouldn't have signed to my agent and wouldn't be working now. The year after graduation is a year to find yourself and also find out where and how you want to put your degree to good use. Don't stress too much!

What person/people at UCC had the most positive influence on you?
Ger Fitzgibbon was such an amazing teacher and told me that if I wanted to pursue acting then I should just go for it. His advice and teaching has been invaluable to me! Also everyone at the Granary Theatre who helped us in Dramat produced and put on so many amazing shows, including Tony McCleane Fay who gave me a part in his production of Cleansed in my final year at UCC.

Were you involved in any Clubs or Societies?
As I mentioned previously, I was heavily involved in UCC Dramat throughout my time at UCC. I was also 1st year rep for the UCC LGBT Society which was great craic. There are so many good societies at UCC and they made my time there really special!

Favourite UCC legend or superstition
The Granary Theatre ghost. It's not a legend and also complete nonsense but my friend Danny would always joke with me about it. I'm convinced it’s just leaky pipes haha!

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