Spotlight 2017

Colin Wong - Kayaker

11 Apr 2017
Colin Wong

Colin Wong recently completed a 2,000 kilometre, 70-day kayaking trip across the Persian Gulf. Colin’s passion for kayaking has led him to paddle his way round the world including down the Zambezi River in Africa. Along with kayaking competitively, Colin has worked extensively in outdoor education and hopes to encourage more people in Cork to try the sport.

Course/subjects studied in University College Cork:

Physical Education and Sports Studies

Best memory of UCC:

My best memory of UCC was the day I went and got my student card. I was a mature student and started at 24 years old and I was so proud to be a UCC student. I never believed I could be a University student.

How has your time at UCC helped you to get to where you are now?

Before starting college I spent my time traveling around the world competing with my kayak and developing myself as a kayaking coach. The first job I got after college was head guide/coach on the White Nile Uganda. The time I spent there set up a string of expeditions in Africa and the Middle East. It’s amazing how life fits together like a jigsaw, "work hard and play harder"!

What is your advice to current UCC students?

Eat well, sleep well, stay active and seek support if you need it. We all know that college social life is something we never forget or sometimes completely forget but try remember moderation. Even during my most stressful time in my final year of college I made time for my kayaking and rugby. The college community is super supportive, if there is any worries you have you can always find someone to help you out.

What person/people at UCC had the most positive influence on you?

There is no way I can mention all the people that positively influenced me during my time in UCC. UCC exposed me to a huge array of people and they all influenced me in their own way, my lecturers, class friends, coaches, etc.

Were you involved in any Clubs or Societies?

Ya I got involved in loads of clubs. However throughout my college years I had to pick just two and focus on them. Rugby and kayaking were a huge part of my college life.

Favourite UCC legend or superstition:

It’s for sure not to walk over the crest under the arch of the Quad or you'll fail your exams. I found it hilarious watching students avoiding it.

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