CUF Charter

Cork University Foundation Donor Charter

Cork University Foundation

This section is under review and will be updated shortly (4/7/18)

The mission of the Cork University Foundation (CUF) is to raise the support, funding and advice required to maintain University College Cork (UCC) as an internationally recognised world-class University through the implementation of its Strategic Plan.

Benefactors to UCC support the importance of the quality of the student experience including excellence in teaching and research. The University’s future depends on the support of alumni and friends to help the University achieve its goals through delivering on its strategic plan, and the Foundation is committed to nurturing and sustaining relationships of mutual trust and respect with all its donors.

CUF aims to comply with the Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising with the renewal of the pledge to treat all donors to CUF and thus University College Cork with respect, honesty and openness.

CUF was incorporated in 1996 under the Companies Acts 1963 to 1990. It is a Company limited by Guarantee and not having a Share Capital, its registration no. 243605. Its Charity Regulatory Authority (CRA) no. is 20033385.

Audited Financial Statements are returned annually to the CRO. CUF is registered charity no. 11831 and an “approved body” authorised by the Irish Revenue Commissioners for the purposes of tax relief under Section 848A and Schedule 26A of the Taxes Consolidation Act 1997 (as inserted by Section 45 of the Finance Act, 2001).

Cork University Foundation is controlled and regulated by its board. The board members have responsibility for the Articles of Association, appointment of the auditors and approval of the annual accounts.

CUF does not have any employees, the executive function is carried out by the staff of the Development & Alumni Office, University College Cork.


Donor Charter

The business of Development in UCC has long been governed by the following code of ethics, which permeates all its dealings.

  • Once it is agreed that an individual will become a donor to the university through CUF, their needs and interests are always adhered to.
  • The needs and interests of UCC, as outlined in the Strategic Development Plan are presented in an honest, accurate and ethical way
  • Colleagues are supported as part of a team involving the Development and Alumni Office to satisfy interests of donors
  • The University is a conscientious steward of private funds – regular updates to donors on the use of their funds is provided
  • Donors receive due appreciation for their gifts in person, through letters, invitations to events and technical reporting on their contribution on a six monthly basis, or as requested by the donor.


 CUF donors have the following rights:

  • To be treated by members of the University involved with the solicitation and receipt of donations in a transparent and honest manner in accordance with all applicable laws and the professional code of fundraising ethics and good practice.
  • To expect that all relationships with individuals representing the Foundation will be professional and respectful.
  • To be fully informed of the Foundation’s name, contact details and charitable status and to be informed of the identity of those serving on the Foundation’s Board, and to expect the Board to govern the foundations activities according to best practice.
  • To receive fundraising solicitations and stewardship reports from the Foundation that are truthful, accurately describe the Foundation's activities and the intended / actual uses of donated funds.
  • To receive appropriate reporting, acknowledgment, recognition and publicity for their donation and to respect anonymity if requested.
  • To be assured that CUF complies with the Data Protection Act 1988 and 2003.
  • To be assured that CUF adheres to the guidelines and requirements contained in the Charities Act, 2009.
  • To be assured that CUF adheres to the guidelines and requirements of the Charity Regulatory Authority.
  • Donors names may be acknowledged in an honour roll, unless they wish otherwise.
  • Individuals who work on behalf of the Foundation on a permanent or part time basis must sign a confidentiality agreement.


All donations:

  • Will be applied to the purpose for which they were originally intended. When un-designated gifts are received, they will be used for such purposes as the Foundation and University determine will best advance its priorities.
  • Will be acknowledged promptly.
  • Will be subjected to an annual audit by a firm of independent Auditors, and will be available in CUF’s annual returns to the Companies’ Office.


Disclosure Statement

Anyone fundraising on behalf of CUF must ensure that prospective donors are aware of their status, e.g., third party agents. This will normally be the subject of written agreement between the parties.


Handling Feedback and Complaints

Cork University Foundation is committed to ensuring that all its communications and dealings with the general public and supporters are of the highest possible standard.

Complaints and/or feedback (positive and negative) should be made in writing to the Secretary or to the Chair of Cork University Foundation outlining the complaint and to whom a response should be addressed. CUF will deal with complaints and feedback immediately and value them as a means of improving business processes.


Alumni and Development

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